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It was a long weekend, I got more to tell you….

November 4, 2013

After the retreat on Sunday I stopped by my friend’s house to meet her new baby.  This is one of my “normie” friends from college.  In college, we were anything but “normal” but as I left her clean, decorated home last night, I just felt so proud of her and us.  We were crazy back in the day, fun crazy is what I call it.  We met before my drinking turned and it was still fun. I was on campus, out front of my dorm building and this tall, skinny girl with long, bleach blonde hair skipped up to me.  She was with some guy wearing a box and nothing else.  For blog purposes I will call her Barbie, because she is a Barbie.

“Hi, I’m Barbie, this is Steve”

“I’m Creeps”

“Want to hang out with me later?  I live over in that building, we can be friends”

And just like that, we were off.  We didn’t become instant friends but we ran into each other frequently and we were both the same amount of crazy fun, always down for anything.  Later in college, we both worked at a sandwich place together and our friendship grew.  She ended up living with one of my best friends at the time, we all worked at the sandwich place.  As our friendship grew it became obvious to all of our friends that Barbie and Party in a box- as I got to be known as, were not allowed to hang out unsupervised together.  Someone would say, wouldn’t it be fun too…and we would both say, YES, let’s go.  Figuring out the logistics later.  We got in trouble a few times but nothing major.  We are both crazy chicks that most people were afraid to mess with so we usually got out with a funny story.

There is the infamous mot story.  Its way too long and may only be infamous to us.  Basically, it was the longest day ever.  It was a day drinking in the rain, breaking in to an apartment to hot tub, scarring our legs by falling in a moat-with my sidekick, loss of someone’s virginity and so many other things I can’t remember.  Sadly, a lot of people there that day do remember and for weeks I had to hide my face in shame as they would recant some of the stories.  After that event it was deemed that we could no longer hang out unsupervised and for good reason.

Since college, we both moved to the same city.  She introduced me to my other two best friends and we continued to have a good time, all while getting good jobs, her meeting her husband, me meeting different Mr. Right Nows.  We learned how to lose weight on Weight Watchers by eating 100 calorie packs and drinking Bud Light.  As my drinking continued to grow darker, hers started to straighten out.  Her priorities shifted and she fell in love.  She grew up and I never noticed.

She has since married, bought a house and now has her first child.  I got sober and so into that, I blinked and didn’t realize until last night that she has changed.  She is a woman.  She is a mommy and a wife.  After chatting for 3 hours I can confirm that she is still crazy fun, but its different.  I am so proud to look back at the way we were and see the way we are now.

I am so grateful that she continued to love me, even when I made it really hard.  That she continued to laugh at my crazy and have me around even if it meant I would throw down.  She is the friend that keeps our group going.  She schedules our hang outs and puts them in our calendars months in advance.  She drives to my work to give me a birthday present, she goes out of her way for us and most times we don’t say thank you because we have become used to her doing it.

I am so grateful to friendships like this.  Friendships that have grown and taught me to love and how to be a strong woman.

I love you Barbie, thanks for not giving up on me.

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  1. Lindsey permalink

    Seriously I’m crying at my desk right now. I love you and I love Barbie too ❤

  2. This is awesome. Made me want to appreciate the friendships I have and work on the ones that are slipping away.

  3. Lauren permalink

    Super thumbs up!!

  4. Kathy permalink

    Thanks for the reminder, we need to hold on to our friends

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