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What state am I in? What time is it?

November 12, 2013

Since Friday I have been in 3 different states and 3 different time zones and have had 2 hair styles, to say that I am exhausted is an understatement. I had the pleasure of going to Texas to witness my cousin exchange vows with her partner, or should I say part-nah! Get it? They live in Texas…Anyway.

Beyond getting to see my family, dance, eat barbecue and celebrate my cousin’s big day, I was touched by the underlying message of Love and Courage. It hit me how courageous it is for them to go against the “social norm” and stand before all of their loved ones and be 100% genuine to themselves and the love they have for each other. I was blessed to be apart of that.

Luckily for me, I have made my familiar amends and didn’t have to hide my head in shame from most of them at the wedding. It was the first time in a long time that I could enjoy all of my family members and not be embarrassed for the things I did to them while I was drinking. My side of the street is clean so I was able to enjoy them and be apart of their lives again.

I traveled with my dad. A couple of things about Mr. CreepyCait, he is a former Marine and says things like, O dark thirty, and to him being punctual is being 2 hours early. When we go to Dodger games we usually get there before the gates open. I learned on this trip that he makes his bed in hotel rooms, then after posting that on Facebook I learned that a lot of my friends do too.

A couple of things about Ms. CreepyCait, I am not good with geography or grammar. Grammar has nothing to do with this trip, just an interesting fact for your fact hat. We had a lay over in Denver, Colorado, and after me asking my dad about ten times, “what time is it?” He finally just stopped responding. I was talking to him but really just talking out loud to myself about how I just couldn’t understand how Denver, Texas and Austin Texas had two different time zones when it dawned on me that Denver was in Colorado. “OOOhhh” I said it all making sense now, “Denver is in Colorado NOT Texas”. My dad just stood there staring at me with a blank face. I proceeded to tell him it was his fault. That when he made me change schools for the 7th grade that the new school already taught geography and grammar and THAT’S why I don’t know those two subjects. “Sure, Cait, that’s why”.

I came home Sunday and was able to see my boyfriend who was in town for the weekend. I took today off work so I really am clueless about what day it is. I don’t care. Just like that, the weekend is over, I’m in my apartment alone and he’s in the airplane going back to his, who knows how temporary, apartment in Arizona. It feels like life is just like that lately. A scramble of events and time moving so fast. It’s crazy that such an amazing moment of love is over and its back to work tomorrow. I am just so blessed that I get to be apart of it today.

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  1. Lavinia permalink

    Yes! Stay grateful and savor the good times.

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