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Let’s get drunk on turkey instead

November 26, 2013

As I see it, I have two options.

1. Give the drink to the turkey


2. Take the drink and be the turkey…the crazy turkey


Here are some helpful hints to get through the next month and a half.

If this is your first sober holiday or emotions are still new to you, I have three and a half years and emotions are still new to me so no judgement, then you will be tested these up coming days.  When guilt or shame bombard you from being in a room full of people who you owe an amends too, pick up the phone not the bottle.  If you aren’t there yet, just keeping your mouth shut and hands in your pocket work too.  I have been surrounded by one person lately and when I see her I only envision punching her in the face and not actually doing it, that can be your Christmas miracle too.

You’re going to have an emotional hang over so start rehydrating and catching up on rest now.  I had no clue that I could still get hung over sober.  After an eventful or emotional event, I can be out for up to a week recovering from it.  I don’t have the shame that comes along with an alcohol hang over but sometimes they are just as bad and completely mess with me.  Sometimes I wish I had a camera in my room to make sure I didn’t sleep drink.  That kind of would be the best relapse story, I didn’t do it, my sleep did it…. Anyway, emotional hangovers come from happy, amazing times just as they come with the bad times.  Just be prepared for them.

Everyone is obsessed with themselves and usually don’t have time to judge you.  I have found that the people in my family or old friends are just excited that I am coming around again and not passed out in their front lawn.

If you don’t have your family and friends back yet, that’s ok.  Actually, you might have the best Thanksgiving.  Every Alano club in California will be having marathon meetings and potlucks.  Just stop in at anytime for some free recovery and pie.  We get to build the families we need in recovery.  Sometimes these new families include our old ones but most times they don’t, and that’s okay.

Holidays are whatever you want them to be.  They can be the Hallmark movie or they can be a snuggy and an SVU marathon, it’s whatever makes you feel good.  Holidays are just another day.  Another day we get to work our recovery.  For the ladies out there that read this, please remember to call before the drink not after.  You can call me after but I’d rather you call before.  I know a lot of us out there don’t like to bother anyone especially during the holidays so they sit in the pain and hurt instead of picking up the phone.  Its selfish actually.  Most of the time we all are going through something and getting a call from someone who needs us helps get us out of our heads.  I wish all of you a great rest of the year.  I know this time is tough on a lot of us so if just getting through it is the best you can do, then just get through it.  I’ll look forward to when you get to enjoy them as I do.

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  1. Shaena permalink

    The holidays are one of the few times I think I might have a drinking problem. I find myself very upset/disappointed that my inlaws do t drink because it doesn’t feel like a holiday to me without booze. It’s just eating turkey for dinner. Ridiculous I know. I find myself wanting to drink and decorate, drink and bake, drink and watch Christmas movies. I blame my parents, but all my holiday memories revolve around drinking and it’s hard to separate it. It doesn’t feel right without drinks and I feel myself getting anxiety without having the alcohol. I need to reel it in. I love your blog and I really think this topic is so relevant. Especially with my parents coming to town, this year will be very trying.

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