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Christmas is bad for my ego

December 9, 2013

Oh, Christmas.  The time of year when I gain five pounds, avoid all cameras and imagine myself as the 17-year-old, 120 pound girl of my past.  The time of year where I use my credit card as if someone else pays the balance and I get carpal tunnel from over crafting.  I love Christmas, I do, all the food, sweets (they aren’t the same thing), holiday parties with new and old friends and opening my advent calendar every morning.  Yes, I am the special kind of 29-year-old whose father and step mother make her an advent calendar each year.  Today, I got a dollar and a note that said, “Your mom loves you so-o-o-o-o much”.  YES, a whole dollar!  I make one for my niece and the most I gave her in one day was 50 cents, so you can tell that I am EXTRA loved.

As much as I love the holiday, it stresses me out.  My character defects come glaring out but they are disguised with holiday cheer and what appears to be selflessness.  I am exaggerating.  I love to give gifts but the problem is, I get WAY to into it.  I want to be the best gift giver there ever was.  I want the person I am gifting to forget every other present they ever received and only remember the one I gave.  I want my gifts to be original, unique (not the same thing), make the person laugh and cry all at the same time.  So what usually happens?  I spend WAY too much money.  I attempt to make everything and it doesn’t come out even or matching.  This year I am knitting a few things and I bought the wrong shade of white about three times.

My boyfriend is probably the best gift giver I know.  He is creative and he knows the people he is buying for so well that he always gets them something perfect.  I get to be one of those people.  I am lucky to have someone who cares about people like that.  It makes me want to be just as good of a gift giver for him but its hard.  He has everything he wants and needs.  He isn’t like me, I walk into a Target and want everything, he is more practical.  Buying for him is hard.  Last year he got a scrap-book.  That’s every guys dream right?  Couple photos and heart stickers?

My nieces on the other hand made out like bandits.  I buy little things here and there.  I wrapped them all on saturday and to my amazement they each got like 5-10 gifts each!  I am a sucker.  I see a list to Santa and I have to buy it all.

I think that I did really well for my family this year.  I am more excited for them to open their gifts then for me to open mine.  My friend asked me what I wanted this year and I just said a new job.  Since Christmas came early for me this year, anything else I am luckily enough to be gifted with will be a plus.

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  1. I get so much comfort reading your blogs. I have already gained closer to 10 lbs and am officially freaking out! Thank you for reminding me to stop taking myself so damn seriously (rule #62). You’re the best 🙂

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