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Sugar high

December 10, 2013

I have heard a lot of women talk about their sugar cravings once they got sober.  Our bodies apparently crave the sugar we are missing from the alcohol and therefore we turn to massive amounts of sugar.  I am no doctor but I think this explains a few things.

A) Why I didn’t lose the 20 pounds I thought I would when I got sober.

I assumed if I cut out the 6-12 beers I was drinking 4-6 nights a week, didn’t go to Del Taco those nights, drink water and get sleep that I would just magically be 120 pounds again.  Sadly, that didn’t happen.  People do say I lost a lot of weight since then but I am basically the same # of pounds as I was when I was drinking.  I think I am just not bloated anymore and that gives the weight loss appearance.  I do go to the ice cream store 4-6 nights a week now and have a “healthier than not” appetite…this is all starting to make sense now….

B) Why I am not a baller millionaire.

Although, I have been able to pay off most of my debt and put some money into savings in the last 3 years, I assumed that by this time I’d be like the kid from Blank Check.  I thought I’d be rolling in the dough, ordering bounce houses for all my friends and telling my butler to bring me a lemonade.

c) Why, in a panic, I bought the last of the Holiday edition of the Hersey’s chocolate bars at CVS

The check out clerk told me that the box of Holiday chocolate bars at her stand were their last one’s in the store and they were not going to be ordering anymore.  I have never had this candy bar before but for some reason I felt compelled to buy the entire box.  This might also explain A and B.

I may have a border line unhealthy relationship with sweets.  I have been known to buy a dozen doughnuts for myself so that I can have a bite of each one and I am usually the one that initiates dessert but now I can blame it on my recovery.  Right?  If people in the rooms say its my body craving sugar, then I will believe it!  You never know, if I give up the sweets then maybe my craving for alcohol will come back.  I am just going to play it safe for myself and the people around me and not take that chance.

Please excuse me while I proceed to eat my holiday candy bars.

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  1. Shaena permalink

    Omg, breastfeeding has the same affect! I now have chocolate and cookie dough on hand in my house at all times for my ridiculous cravings! You would live it over here : )

  2. Not just the ladies have that problem…lol.

    Most, if not all, of us get the sugar cravings once we stop the booze – for the reasons you explained (and there is more – but that’s a different story). Sugar is it’s own addiction. I certainly struggle with it, even after 2 1/2 yrs from my last drink. Many can moderate, but some of us still wolf down the sugar (or carbs like from pasta) to get that high from sugar. But regardless, given the choice between the bottle and the Hershey’s…well, the choice is simple. Like I said, these cravings usually slow down at some point for most of us. I end up going back and forth between no sugar at all for a few months, then boom! Sugar fest! Sounds like my old drinking days…ha ha.

    Anyway, enjoy it right now. Yeah, we aren’t going to shed stones doing this, but it’s better than the alternative.

    Now coffee…don’t even get me started on that…never giving that one up!!


    • Thank you Paul. Yes, coffee. It has gotten better but I can’t live without it! Thanks for reading!

  3. I hear ya! Seven months today (woot!), and my weight is the same. I’ve always had a crazy sweet tooth, but I’ve been hitting the sugar HARD. And ice cream has always been my vice. I need to work on losing 25 pounds next year. For now, just trying to keep away from the drinkies during the holidays! 😉

  4. This made me giggle endlessly. I love that you dated yourself with a nod to “Blank Check” (throwback!). You’re awesome.

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