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God’s gonna do it….

December 16, 2013

Back in August I was going through a rough time.  My boyfriend had just moved to another state and I was training in Texas for a new job.  I was in a ton of fear and full of emotion.  I was the only girl in my training class and the one time I did go to dinner with the guys, they took me to a Hooters like joint.  I wanted to throw the table and cry but I didn’t.  I just decided to stay in my hotel for the rest of the two weeks and cry alone, seemed healthy.  To top it off, the hotel had a cute girl who would greet me everyday after work and offer me a free margarita or cocktail to take to my room.  I wouldn’t make eye contact, I would just run to the elevator.  I really didn’t think I would drink but it was just like one more thing to deal with.

During this time, a very dear friend of mine would check in on me and I would vent, heavily, to her.  She ended up sending me a mixed CD to the hotel to cheer me up with a card that made me cry.  The CD is mostly Christian worship and I have never really been into that type of music but since she went so far out of her way to make me feel better, I gave it a try.  The second to last song has now become my anthem.  It is a gospel jam that no matter how hard I try, I just cannot help but clap and rock out to it whenever I hear it.  At first, I was embarrassed that I loved it so much, but now I turn it up with the windows down.

I now listen to this song everyday.  It’s usually the last song I listen to as I would pull into work, to help me get through the day.  The song helped get me through the adjustment of a long distant relationship and a new job.  It then began to help me as I struggled at that new job.  Now I know it’s so true.  The lyric that sticks with me is, “I don’t care how hard the day, I know God’s gonna make a way.  God’s gonna do it, God’s gonna do it”.

My life is always a tellanovela, but these last two weeks has been like a two-hour series finale.  I was not happy and randomly this company found me and offered me a job, close to home.  How could I say no?  It offered great pay and benefits.  Little did I know that my homie was working for me in the back ground.  To make things short and sweet, I put in my two weeks and in the last hour of my old job I was offered a promotion.  Not just a promotion, but the job I have wanted since I entered my career field.  Each day there was a twist, I had no clue what was going to go down, but I kept signing, God’s gonna do it….  Sometimes I was chanting it.

This is the song, it’s a little much, but I really hope you listen to the entire thing and let it inspire you the way it has me.  Even if you aren’t that into God or whatever, its a great song.

Man, God really did do it though, for me.  The job is located by my hometown, where I told you guys I wanted to move back too in an earlier post, and its something that I actually find to be fun.  My plan was to walk away from a company that I had so much respect for, a field I know way too much about to go somewhere else that I thought would be better.  God had a different plan.  The thing is, I don’t think that I deserve a job like this.  For the ten years I was out there drinking, forming my adult life, I was never a go getter.  Heck, I was barely a shower-upper.  In my work reviews I was always told that I do a great job, when I show up.  Those ten years I always assumed that someone would take care of me when I grew up because I didn’t know how to take care of myself.  Recovery and sobriety isn’t just about putting the drink down.  Luckily, for me, I had women in my life teach me that recovery is about putting the drink down and becoming a worker among workers, friend among friend, and a decent member of society.  Three and a half years later, I have been given so much more than that.  People trust me today, with their hearts, their trust, their secrets and their friendship.

Life isn’t always this sweet.  Actually, I don’t know when my life has EVER been this sweet.  I am just going to enjoy it for as long as I get and remember that, God’s gonna do it.

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