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Home Sweet Home

January 30, 2014

Man, long time no type!

I have been pretty busy with my move and new job, that when the end of the day comes, I just want to watch TV and not think.  Thus, a lack in blogs.  I moved to my beautiful home town on saturday and with the help of my type A personality, I was all unpacked by monday.  I can tell I am home because everyone here drives real slow, they all wave to each other and my neighbors made me cookies.  It’s just a slower way of life here.  I also have a handy man who is very sweet and talkative, he was the first friend I made here.

When I got my keys on friday, my landlord showed me some pictures she has of Whitney Houston.

“Take a look at this photo.  Now tell me, do you know anyone else that can wear a dress like that?  Man, I love Whitney Houston”

There were some minor impairments in my new place that my new best friend, the handyman told my landlord about.  I was opening my front door to leave on sunday and there she was, platinum blond hair, short, huge black sunglasses that covered most of her face, a bright green silk blouse, black jeans and knee-high black boots.  “Oh, dear, I heard about the apartment, I came right over.  I am so sorry about it not being ready.”

I invite her in, she sees my couch.

“Oh, man.  Is that a nice couch or what?  Gesh, that’s a nice couch for one person.”

She always tells me how lucky I am to have this nice apartment all to myself.  She’s right.  I love it here.  I can walk up the street to Starbucks, run into a few people, and be back to start work in under 30 mins. I have an actual door to my bedroom, I haven’t had a door to my bedroom in over 6 years AND I can lock it.  I now live near my friends from high school, a few have already stopped by, it feels like college again having everyone so close and eager to hangout.  I have a friend in recovery that already gave me the down low on all the good meetings in the area.  He knew about all the good women’s meetings too, like a good alcoholic 🙂

Things are good over.  Hope things are good over there.  Check in with you later.

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  1. Dad permalink

    Welcome back home, Mejita! Wave to mom for me!
    XOXO dad

  2. kathy permalink

    I am so happy for you . don’t go to all new meetings. only some.

  3. Shaena permalink

    This warms my heart! I’m so happy you are happy!

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