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Long Distance relationships, Disneyworld and soap boxes.

February 5, 2014

My favorite part about being in a long distance relationship is being able to say, “Tomorrow, I will see you tomorrow.”  It is even better than saying, “I will see you tomorrow.”  Today, is that day for me.  On Thursday I get on a plane to go to Florida to see my boyfriend.  He’s been there for two weeks on a work thing and has two more weeks to go.  We are going to go to Disneyworld!!  I am so excited.  Years ago my cousins went and they stayed at the hotel at the Animal Kingdom.  They told me they woke up and saw a giraffe at their window.  THIER WINDOW!  Ever since then I have been dying to go to the Animal Kingdom.  I have never been to Florida before.  Most of my knowledge on Florida is from the episode of Friends, when they all go and Monica’s hair gets really frizzy from the humidity.  So, all I know is to bring hair mousse, lots and lots of hair mousse.

I have been going to meetings out here in LA county.  I am trying to find a home group and some chicks to kick it with, AA style.  On Monday, I met a girl who told me about a meeting.  I showed up to that meeting and made some other friends who want to take me to some awesome meeting on Wednesday.  I guess its in the, “Valley”, which I am still not sure what city that is but all the best meetings are there apparently.  So, I am all excited that I am making friends, Go Me!

I go back to the Monday meeting this week, which is at the race track, PRETTY COOL!  Anyway, I talk to this different girl after and I tell her all the people I have met and the meetings that I have gone too.  She proceeds to tell me that the Pacific Group is trying to initiate me.  HUH?

“Yep, they go to all those meetings, they are like a super strict AA group.”

I tell her that I met all of them through a girl who goes to the monday meeting.

“The short girl?  Blonde hair?  Secretary of the Thursday meeting?”

YEP! YEP! YEP! I nod.

“Oh, yea.  That’s them.  They totally got you.”

I have no clue what any of that means.  Apparently, they make the girls wear long skirts to meetings and have very strict rules to live by.  I could really care less about all that.  When I was first sober I was apart of a “clan” I guess you could say.  It turned out to be one girl sponsoring 12 girls and all 13 of us went to the same meeting.  Yes, I was one of the 12.  I think most of them only went to that one meeting a week so we were all just sharing the stuff we were learning from our sponsor.  We weren’t going out there and living life.  At least that was my perspective.  If any of them read this, feel free to differ.

I am still excited that I made friends here, even if it was just to join their clan.  At least someone wants me in their clan.  HA!

To be honest, it would be really easy to stop going to meetings out here.  My sponsor is in the OC so I don’t go to meetings with her anymore.  I guess she would never know if I was going or not.  Now that I work from home, getting out and going to a meeting seems hard.  I actually have to put real pants on, like with a zipper.  I have to look people in the eye when I talk to them, pretty hard stuff.  A lot of days I’d rather close the lap top, turn on the tube and not move until I crawl into my beautiful bed and go to sleep.  I know thats all REALLY bad for me.  I know how easy it would be to slip away from AA and fellowship out here.  I also know what that would leave me with.  Actually I don’t really know what would happen, I am sure its worse then I could imagine.

I tell the girl I sponsor that she has to get out there, go to meetings and make sober friends.  When I want to stay in a skip a meeting I think about that.  I picture me, on my soap box, looking at her and barking orders…get to a meeting, put your hand out, call a woman off the phone list….I can’t preach it if I don’t practice it.

That’s probably why they say sponsoring is the best insurance to our sobriety.  Even though I stick to my sobriety for me and God, I also do it because I feel accountable to her.  If I don’t do it and relapse or something then what will happen to her?  I mean, I guess I don’t even have to relapse.  I could just turn into this dry drunk that’s miserable and cosigns all her bullshit, thats not good either.  I got to water my little sobriety plant so that hers can grow…AWE so sweet.

Well, I wasn’t expecting that rant.  I got to pack and get ready for my trip.  So excited that tomorrow I get to say, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Shaena permalink

    I’m so jealous, I want a giraffe out my window!

  2. kathy permalink

    enjoy your trip and be safe

  3. Erin permalink

    I hate that you’re literally going to be a 2 hour plane ride away from me, ugh

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