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Have you met me? I’m obsessed

March 12, 2014

So, if you know me at all, you know that I tend to get obsessed with things easily.  Not only do I get obsessed but I go to extremes.  I posted last time that I was doing a cleanse, well I survived and loved it.  As my boyfriend so kindly put it,  I wasn’t fat,  I had just been eating like it was Christmas for about 4 months and I needed help stopping.  I did the Trader Joe’ Cleanse which is a set of fiber pills, digestive pills and liver pills that you take day and night along with a healthy diet.  Basically what I got from the directions was that I could only eat fruit, vegetables, chicken, fish, and nuts.  That means, no caffeine or sugar!!!  The first three days I had a half cup of iced tea to survive the headaches.  It was ok because the directions simply say to try to avoid those things.  The “try to avoid” directions saved me when I had an f-u binge day at a birthday party.  I had about 5 plates of nachos and with every bite I would repeat to myself, “It’s ok, it simply says try to avoid and I tried but I could not avoid”.

I found that I actually like to eat simply.  I have found that I love kale chips and there are many things that can be done with spinach.  I did crave a bone-in rib eye for a couple of days but it soon passed.  It did help that I am going to Vegas on friday and plan on getting one then, but none the less it passed.

During this process I added a few other things that I am obsessively doing.  My boyfriend and I are doing this 30 day squat and abs challenge.  Each day they tell you an amount of squats, sit ups and crunches to do.  I added push-ups to it because I am an addict and more is always better.  As you know I am also in love with coconut oil.  Every morning I put a tablespoon in a shake and a tablespoon in my mouth to oil pull.  I know it this new craze going around and I thought that I would join in on that too.  I also joined a yoga studio that is 2 blocks from my house that I walk too.

This is what my mornings now look like, wake up, pray, do the challenge, take the pills, oil pull for 20 minutes/shower, make shake and get to work (which is in my apartment because I work from home sucka!)

After the cleanse was said and done, I lost 6 pounds.  I found that I still wanted to keep on the diet and was actually craving fish and veggies.  I don’t even miss coffee and that’s saying a lot for a girl who was on a 3 cup minimum a day diet.  I don’t crave the sugar, however, I reminded myself of how good it is and added it back in even though my body no longer wanted it.  I made sure my body took it in, no excuses.

As for the oil pulling.  My teeth feel really strong.  I have had extremely sensitive teeth for the last ten years and I haven’t even noticed any sensitivity.  My teeth are a lot whiter and today after a little over a week of doing this, I noticed my breath wasn’t so bad when I woke up.  As for the coconut oil on my body, I mean, you know, I love it.  My skin is so soft and my face is even toned.  I have dryness and lines on my eye lid and around my eye so I only use the oil on my face  before bed because it drips into my eye and I can’t see.  During the day I keep on with my usual face routine.

As for the yoga, I was able to lift myself up on my forearms, do a back bend and a head stand with the help of the wall.  I actually look forward to going because it eases me and makes me feel strong, emotionally and physically.

So that’s what I have been up too, just obsessing and living life.

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