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If you were a color, you’d be a double rainbow

September 16, 2014

well, I am 4 days into my 30’s and things seem to be ok. My pants are definitely tighter, I can’t tell if that’s due to my age of this cheese stuffed burger I had last night.

My fiance and I had an agreement a couple of months back that if we were engaged by my 30th that he didn’t have to buy me anything for my birthday, BUT if we were not engaged than he better bring on the best gift in the world. I mean I was talking unicorns and rainbows. Luckily for him, we were engaged. Therefore, when it was my birthday month, I wasn’t expecting anything from him. Plus, I know that ring and engagement party hit his bank account pretty hard and I wasn’t going to add salt to the wound. I did however make some “free” birthday suggestions for him. I told him just to write me a card about how great I am. You know, a card about why he loves me, how pretty, smart and all around great I am.

If you know him, you know he is the best gift giver out there. His gifts are thoughtful and funny. Well, we go to dinner and to my surprise he puts a gift on the table. In one of the boxes are two small fill-in books. One is, 50 reasons why I love you and the other is, 50 reasons you are awesome. Each page has a sentence and you fill it in like mad lips.

These are my favorite ones and they are clear examples of why I love him:

If you were a color you would be A DOUBLE RAINBOW
If you were an animal you would be A SNAKE IN THE GRASS
You pick the best FIANCE’S

That my friend is the man I love. I hope you all find someone just like that, but just don’t take him….I might have to cut you if you tried.



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One Comment
  1. Erin permalink

    I can’t even deal with him, that’s the cutest thing ever.

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