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Being a Creative Writing major in college, I always wanted to amaze and awe the world with my writing skills, but as I graduated and realized that I needed a job to pay the bills, and fast, I did what most artist do…I sold out to the highest bidder.  I don’t use my writing in my job life or really any aspect of my life outside of my witty Facebook posts and after months of encouragement from a fellow blogger, Here I am.  Spreading my art to you.  Whoever, you are.


I got sober at 25, no DUI, no arrest, no gangbang, just straight moral bankruptcy got me to my breaking point.  I searched for people my age that were sober and starting a new life without bars and 40′s.  What I found were older people who had families and a life already built.  I wanted to find someone like me, young-ish, single, no kids, but had already lost themselves before they even knew who they were.  Someone that was trying to define who they were.  Someone that never got the opportunity to know who they were because they were clouded with booze and insecurity.  Above all I wanted to find someone who could teach me how to have fun and still do things that young people do, only sober.


This is what I am hoping I can do with this blog.  Be that someone for someone.  I am now over three years sober which makes me a young 29 and gives me only one year to say I am *in my* 20′s and sober.


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